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Professionals in software testing have a variety of job opportunities. Test the app manually by acting as a manual tester. Writing test cases is a part of this work, and manual testers don’t have a steep learning curve. The aspirant should consider automation testing (QE), which is more promising than manual testing, after pursuing a career in manual testing.

A well-liked automation testing tool is Selenium. There are other alternative automated testing technologies besides Selenium, including

  • HP UFT
  • Silk Test
  • Test Complete

The most well-known and free automation testing tool is Selenium. Automation testers make more money than manual testers do.

Regarding Selenium

The automated testing tool Selenium is open source, and it does not require highly developed technical knowledge to understand. If you are experienced with Java programming, Selenium will come to you naturally. To design the BPT components and frameworks, automation testers or Selenium testers create automated test suites. To become an automation tester, you will need to have 3–4 years of professional experience. The finest credential for Selenium testers to demonstrate their expertise is the Certified Professional-Selenium Automation Testing (CP-SAT) designation. The blog includes the following categories:

Professional Testers’ Role

The following jobs and tasks are possible for testing professionals:

Test Analyst

The project’s test analysts are in charge of carrying out all testing phases. They play a crucial role in the testing team. The testing analyst’s role is to work with customers to define and create test strategies. Some essential talents may be needed to succeed in this demanding position. However, CAT or Certified Agile Testers is a well-known and appropriate credential. There is no special certification for a test analyst.

Requirements for Test Analyst

  • Qualifications for Test Analyst
  • To establish and maintain test environments
  • to oversee and keep up with automated scripts
  • 2 to 5 years of experience as an automation tester
  • framework development expertise

Test Lead Manager

Test manager or leader is the next position for testing experts. You could have to handle your team on your own as the team leader. Instead of being in charge of just one project, the team can be in charge of several. A test manager typically oversees a variety of planning test activities, analyses them, tracks the activities, and has many other duties. To become a test manager or leader, you must meet the following prerequisites or fit the Selenium Tester description:

Ability to organise, arrange, and monitor test operations is required.

The ability to organise and create testing techniques is necessary.

The capacity to monitor and coordinate test-related activities

A test manager needs to be proficient in the following areas:

Understanding of test cycles and manual and automation methods

Ability to gauge the team’s efforts

Ability to lead others

Understanding of agile testing techniques

Knowledge of agile testing methods

For a genuine and long-lasting career, a test manager can obtain the following certificates:

  • ISTQB advanced level test management certification
  • Manager Certification for Software Testing
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) PMP Certification

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