Career Counselling

In the fast-paced world of Information Technology (IT), embarking on a career shift can be both thrilling and challenging. TechLearning Canada, a trusted name in IT education, recognizes the significance of choosing the right path and navigating the evolving IT landscape. Our commitment is to serve as your guiding beacon on this transformative journey. The […]

Job Training in Canada

Empowering Your Career Growth with TechLearning Canada At TechLearning Canada, we understand the importance of equipping you with the right skills and knowledge to thrive in the competitive IT industry. We bridge the gap between traditional university education and the ever-evolving demands of the corporate world. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to not only […]

Resume And Interview Preparation

In the fiercely competitive job market of today, your journey from submitting an application to securing your dream job is nothing short of a battle. With an average of 250 applicants per job posting, your resume needs to shine brilliantly amidst fierce competition. The key to success lies in standing out, and that starts with […]

Job Placement

In the highly competitive realm of Information Technology (IT), achieving your dream job can often feel like an uphill battle. With an average of 250 applicants vying for the same position, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. TechLearning Canada, renowned for its exceptional BA and QA training programs, offers you the perfect blueprint […]

Why Choose Us

We focus on interactive and live project trainings. You will get a chance to do hands on in all our trainings.

We are leaders in our fields. We understand technology and will help you as well to understand it and apply. We teach our classes with extreme passion and strive for excellence.

We have the best placements in town as we work directly with many job agencies.


Our trainings are online but live. We are accessible to you as long as you need us for your placement.

100% Job assistance and On job Support

Our team dedicatedly works with you every day on your progress

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