Agile & Scrum Training

Overview of the Curriculum Understanding Agile Scrum Methodology: Overview, Values, and Roles Scrum Methodology: Scrum Ceremonies and Events Scrum Methodology: Scrum Terms and Artifacts Estimating in Agile Other Agile Roles Scrum Methodology: Digging Deeper Kanban Methodology Case Studies

DevOps Ansible Automation Training

With TechLearning Canada DevOps Ansible Automation Training Brampton, you will become an expert DevOps Engineer and will be capable to be a vital part of your organization. Overview of the Curriculum Pre-requisite info and setup VM setup Linux Vagrant & Linux Servers VProfile Project Setup Manual, Automated Networking Introducing Containers Bash Scripting AWS Part -1 […]

Business Analyst Training

Business analysts are in high demand across wide range of industries. Business analysis can be an exciting and rewarding career for those who possess the required skills. TechLearning’s Business Analyst Training Program will provide you with needed expertise in business analysis. You will learn the concepts and skills needed for an active business analyst career […]

QA Training & Automation

A quality analyst is responsible for testing the components and overall functionality of a product. QA Training in Ottawa often study how their company offers services and diagnose any loopholes that sacrifice the expectations that consumers have from the service. With TechLearning’s QA Training in Quebec, you will learn how to test the software efficiently […]

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