Canada’s Tech Job Market Is About to Get EVEN Hotter

Canada’s Tech Job Market Is About to Get EVEN Hotter

Canada’s technology industry is flourishing. And with the revelation that Meta Platforms Inc. (Facebook) is expanding to Canada, things are about to get even hotter. The business declared its intention to establish a new Canadian engineering base in Toronto on March 29th. Over the following five years, this will generate around 2,500 new jobs.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, the Toronto hub will expand the current Canadian Reality Labs and AI Research teams while launching Canada’s first WhatsApp, Messenger, and Remote Presence engineering teams.

“The hub will aid in the development of Meta’s upcoming “metaverse” virtual reality system, which will debut in 2021. Shared virtual spaces in the metaverse enable people to collaborate, have fun, and interact with one another, she continues.

There will be many employment with an engineering focus. Canadians from all over the country will be able to apply for jobs with the company for remote opportunities.

Toronto tech recruiters understand that while it’s a terrific time to work in technology in Canada, it’s also been much harder for employers to find IT talent. For the industry, it has produced a double-edged sword.

Facebook is not the only company growing in Canada. It includes several of the major businesses in the tech sector. According to Kelsey Rolfe of Canadian Business:

“U.S. powerhouses like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Pinterest have constructed satellite offices in the city. Walmart recently said that it will open a worldwide tech site in Toronto as it increases its online sales. The New York Times’ recent designation of Toronto as the “quietly booming tech metropolis,” noting that it is the third-largest innovation hub in North America, sealed our fate.

Many people in the sector are worried about our capacity to continue employing. They also question if Canadian tech firms can retain staff by paying salaries comparable to those in Silicon Valley.

Particularly for computer programmers, software engineers, web developers, and database analysts, there are hundreds of unfilled employment. The industry’s average salary has already increased due to a lack of highly skilled personnel; in some situations, wages have increased by more than 20%.

Expect to compete for the best candidates as a tech business. Already, the market is on fire. With many more Silicon Valley businesses, including Meta (Facebook), moving to Canada, the competition for top IT talent will only intensify.

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