QA Training & Automation

12 November 2022
12 Weeks

A quality analyst is responsible for testing the components and overall functionality of a product. QA Training in Ottawa often study how their company offers services and diagnose any loopholes that sacrifice the expectations that consumers have from the service. With TechLearning’s QA Training in Quebec, you will learn how to test the software efficiently and become an expert QA Analyst.

Mode of training

Online classes on Weekends Saturdays/Sundays

Overview of the Curriculum

  1. Software testing techniques
  2. Test Scenario, Test Plans writing
  3. Test case writing
  4. Test execution and bug reporting
  5. Testing reports
  6. Software Test Estimation Techniques
  7. Software testing interview questions
  8. Software test environments
  9. Defect/Bug Lifecycle
  10. Black-Box Test Techniques
  11. Basics of Agile & Agile Testing
  12. How to use JIRA for Agile Testing
  13. Mobile Testing Basics
  14. API Testing with ReadyAPI
  15. API Testing with Postman
  16. Performance Testing
  17. Performance Testing using JMeter
  18. Test Automation using Selenium

Selenium Automation with Java


  1. CSS Selector in Selenium
  2. Locators in Selenium
  3. Find Element and FindElements in Selenium WebDriver
  4. Selenium Form WebElement: TextBox, Submit Button, sendkeys(), click()
  5. How to Select CheckBox and Radio Button in Selenium WebDriver
  6. How to Click on Image in Selenium Webdriver
  7. How to Select Value from DropDown using Selenium Webdriver
  8. Locate Elements by Link Text & Partial Link Text in Selenium Webdriver
  9. Mouse Click & Keyboard Event: Action Class in Selenium Webdriver
  10. How to Upload & Download a File using Selenium Webdriver
  11. XPath in Selenium WebDriver: Complete Tutorial
  12. Alert & Popup Window Handling in Selenium WebDriver
  13. How to Handle Web Table in Selenium WebDriver
  14. Handling Dynamic Web Tables Using Selenium WebDriver
  15. Desired Capabilities in Selenium WebDriver


  1. How to Download & Install TestNG in Eclipse for Selenium WebDriver
  2. TestNG Tutorial: What is, Annotations & Framework in Selenium
  3. TestNG Groups: Include, Exclude with Example – Selenium Tutorial
  4. TestNG @Test Priority in Selenium
  5. Parallel Execution in Selenium: Session Handling & TestNG Dependency
  6. TestNG: How to Run Multiple Test Suites in Selenium
  7. TestNG Listeners in Selenium: ITestListener & ITestResult Example
  8. How to Execute Failed Test Cases in TestNG: Selenium WebDriver
  9. TestNG Report Generation in Selenium WebDriver
  10. Customize, PDF & Email TestNG Reports in Selenium WebDriver


  1. Page Object Model (POM) & Page Factory: Selenium WebDriver Tutorial
  2. Dataprovider & TestNG XML: Parameterization in Selenium(Example)
  3. Read & Write Data from Excel File in Selenium Webdriver: POI & JXL

Advanced Webdriver!

  1. Selenium Grid Tutorial: Hub & Node (with Example)
  2. Maven & Jenkins Integration with Selenium: Complete Tutorial
  3. Selenium Automation Framework: Data Driven, Keyword Driven & Hybrid
  4. Handling iFrames in Selenium Webdriver: switchTo()
  5. Cross Browser Testing using Selenium WebDriver
  6. How to Take Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver
  7. Log4j with Selenium Tutorial: Download, Install, Use & Example
  8. Robot Class in Selenium Webdriver
  9. How to use AutoIT with Selenium Webdriver: File Upload Example
  10. Selenium with Cucumber (BDD)
  11. Selenium with Python


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